Welcome to my home on the web.  If you happen by every now and then, you’ll see a lot of changes.  I’m just teaching myself WordPress, and getting back into web development.  To give you an idea of how long I’ve been out, I started on the Internet with H&R Block’s CompuServe.  I started “designing” pages when all you did was find a site you liked, clicked ‘view source’ and changed the IMG references and the hex codes for color.  I evolved into FrontPage, before getting into retail management and left development behind.

I have some extra free time now, so thought I’d see what I could do.  I will use this site to play with design elements.  I also intend to start a few blogs.  One is just the rants of an adult, teen-ager, with the attention span of a three year old.  I would also like to share reviews of various pieces of technology.  Since I also sell cars part time, I’ll share my two cents on the various vehicles I experience.  Finally, I used to be a fairly decent, amateur photographer, and would like to share my work.

If you found yourself here accidentally, look around.  I hope to have a place where you can leave feedback very shortly.  Enjoy!

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